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Want to develop Big Business in China from Home?

Sunday, August 24, 2014 @ 04:08 PM

Alfred was born in China and fled the Communist takeover in China, Laos and Cambodia before he came to the US to study. Trained in Anesthesia, he practiced for years at Emory University hospital. Wooiyi (pronounced We e yi ) grew up in the Malaysian Chinese community in Kuala Lampur before coming to the US for study. Here she met Alfred and they married and started a family, which required more income. After an unsuccessful side effort in dry cleaning and restaurant ownership, they joined this business, which Alfred had enjoyed earlier as a single entrepreneur. In the 1980’s Alfred’s team became one of the largest in the nation at retailing long-distance services for MCI, then he turned his attention to developing the market in China. Today their business there does over $100 million annually and they travel the world. In addition to their real estate holdings in the Atlanta area, they are active leaders of the various Asian and Chinese Civic organizations in the Southeast.
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