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They were Physicians each working 100-120hrs a week

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 @ 03:07 PM

Purnima & Girish were successful physicians, parents of young children, each working 100-120 hours a week.
“In spite of being successful financially and professionally, our dreams were getting lost in the demands of our work,” says Girish, who had always hoped to someday start a hospital that would serve the disadvantaged.

Purnima, who was then managing an intensive care department, specialized in babies born prematurely. “I really wanted to create a choice and spend more time with our family,” she says about their decision to pursue this business.

Their mentors encouraged them and helped turn them into the leaders they are today. They discovered that the business helped them develop personally. Also, “it was far less expensive than other businesses we had tried.” says Girish.

Purnima was indeed able to quit her job several years ago, and when her own daughter delivered twins prematurely a few years later, “I was able to go to Milan where she was living and help her. Had I been working at the time, that would not have been possible, and I would have always regretted it,” she says, grateful for the circumstances that allowed her to do it.

Girish, too, was able to achieve his dream of starting a hospital in India. “We feel that thanks to our business, not only have we been able to make a difference in the lives of people on our team, but in the greater world as well.”

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