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“I started realizing that every month her checks (from this home business) got bigger and mine got smaller.” says Fernando, a former landscaper. Initially, he saw their home business as Isabel’s “thing,” a way to replace her income from cleaning houses. ” Thanks to our mentors, I finally understood it was so much bigger.” Having time to play with the kids (12, 8, 6, and 1) and drive them to school is “priceless.”

Fernando & Isabel – Maryland – USA

“We almost feel like missionaries because we so badly want to share this opportunity with more people,” says Juan. The couple and their children (22 & 18) have gone from living in a basement to looking for the house of their dreams. They’d like to devote time and money to cancer research, since Lucy is a survivor, and build houses in Mexico. Sonia also wants to write a motivational book.

Sonia & Juan – Illinois – USA

“We see ourselves as very fortunate people,” Helen says. “Our home business has taught us that you cannot benefit in life if you don’t better yourself and help others. We did not learn that through our jobs. “(He owned two auto repair shops and she was a nanny.) Not ony have they freed themselves from those jobs, the couple also has paid off more than $100,000 in debt.

Jose & Helen – California – USA

Being home to take Roxana (6) to school and pick her up is, in the words of her dad, Enrique, “my biggest dream come true.” When he and Juanita started their home business, “It would’ve taken me a year at my job (as a cook) to pay her tuition.” Adds Juanita, “We’re even buying our first house – with cash, which is pretty awesome! There are so many places to see and so many people to help that we can’t sit still,” she says. The couple dreams of helping the disadvantaged in their native Mexico by building an orphanage or shelter for unwed mothers. They also can’t wait to travel the world, sharing the business opportunity with anyone looking for hope. “My passion is teaching others to become entrepreneurs,” Enrique says.

Enrique & Juanita – Illinois – USA

Highly skilled doctors, Guillermo and Elina were focused on healing, but had little time to enjoy life. “We owned two medical clinics. Elina ran one and I ran the other,” says Guillermo, who dreamed of finding time to travel. Since selling the clinics three years ago to concentrate on building their home business, they’re finding time to do that and so much more. “We adore the beach, so we want to buy a small house on the ocean to come home to from our travels,” Elina says. Guillermo longs to see Ethiopia again, where he once worked, as well as Paris, Italy, and Spain. “This has been the perfect business venture to guide us into our future,” she says.

Guillermo & Elina – Florida – USA

Young married couples both work, and get accustomed to a double income; the wife quits her job to begin a family; and when the children come, she is reluctant to leave them to return to her former job. The solution to that delemma might be this business, which allows her to contribute to the family finances without leaving home. It was just such a motivation that led Jerry and Sharyn of Texas into the business. Sharyn had two children, both under two years old, and faced the prospect of leaving them to go to work. She saw the business as an alternative. After Jerry joined her in the enterprise, they built it into a full-time income- at one time they had four children under five years old- and have become totally financially free.

Jerry & Sharyn – Texas – USA

Werner, a Canadian now transplanted in Phoenix, Arizona, saw this business as a means of escape. In his case, it was not so much his dislike for his job, as his feeling that it was a dead-end street, that made him look for a way out. At the age of thirty-seven, he worked in the oil and gas industry in western Canada. He had worked his way up to the second-highest position in his company after nine years, when he realized that he had exhausted his potential for advancement. “All of a sudden I woke up,” he recalls. “I could see that, even though I was making more money, our standard of living was dropping each year.” He and his wife, Erna, got into this business and are now financially free. “It’s a Cinderella business,” he says. “Dreams really do come true in this business. In my old job, I used to work three days and nights without sleep, wading around in mud up to my waist. I knew I didn’t want to be there when I was fifty, and, thanks to this opportunity, I won’t be.”

Werner & Erna – Arizona – USA

Work very hard now, and keep reaping the profits into the future. The opportunity for that kind of income is what this business offers. Wayne, from Texas says it best. “I knew a guy down in Texas who owned some natural gas wells,” he says, “and the man told me that every month he gets a check for eight thousand dollars as a royalty off that gas well. That’s what I call “walkaway income.” You don’t have to be there looking after it every minute for it to produce. That’s the way people get paid for writing a song, or writing a book, or inventing a new gadget. I wanted that kind of royalty-type income. This business came along and gave me an opportunity to use my skills to do that. I couldn’t write a book or a song, and I couldn’t accumulate the capital to drill an oil well; but in this business I can still use my skills and my hard work to build an income that will keep on coming!”

Wayne – Texas – USA

Brian was the youngest vice-president in the history of Motorola Corporation and rapidly rising up the corporate ladder when he decided to be a free person, leading his own business with his wife, Marg. It was Marg who first turned his attention to supplementing their corporate income for a grander lifestyle. For over 40 years they have lived a luxurious lifestyle in their suburban Chicago estate. Together they are active in serving individual businesses around the world with large growth in Europe and Asia.  They have four successful children and double that in grandchildren.

Brian & Marg – Illinois – USA

Alfred was born in China and fled the Communist takeover in China, Laos  and Cambodia before he came to the US to study. Trained in Anesthesia, he practiced for years at Emory University hospital. Wooiyi (pronounced We e yi ) grew up in the Malaysian Chinese community in Kuala Lampur before coming to the US for study. Here she met Alfred and they married and started a family, which required more income.  After an unsuccessful side effort in dry cleaning and restaurant ownership, they joined this business, which Alfred had enjoyed earlier as a single entrepreneur. In the 1980’s Alfred’s team became one of the largest in the nation at retailing long-distance services for MCI, then he turned his attention to developing the market in China. Today their business there does over $100 million annually and they travel the world.  In addition to their real estate holdings in the Atlanta area, they are active leaders of the various Asian and Chinese Civic organizations in the Southeast.

Alfred & Wooiyi – Georgia – USA

As Purdue graduates Jim and Nancy moved from their native Indiana to California to launch his career as an aerospace engineer. Anxious to supplement their beginning incomes they launched their own business and did well. However, when their second child was born with disabilities that requires enormous costs, they built their organization with a dedication that took them to the top with an international business that generated a seven-figure income. The training corporation they developed to educate their associates, Network 21, is now one of the largest of its kind in the world with offices in 36 countries and materials in 23 languages. They now live in Sarasota and Atlanta, jetting back and forth easily in their new jet. As close friends and mentors they assist our team in “doing life,” and in “giving back.” The Network 21 team has donated millions to sponsor orphans around the world and to assist the handicapped.

Jim & Nancy – Georgia – USA

Bobbie had a career as a fashion model in the US and Europe, where she became interested in the Montessori program. Moving to Atlanta to buy two schools, she started this networking business for additional income. She built it to the top with her late husband, Neil, adding extensive real estate holdings to her assets. As a successful business woman she has been in demand as a consultant and speaker. In 2009 she married Don of Dunwoody, Georgia. Don used his Virginia Tech engineering education to build one of the largest construction oversight companies in the nation. Some of his projects have included the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, the newest terminals at Heathrow and Hartsfield-Jackson Airports, and a number of Ritz Carlton resorts, plus some major city planning endeavors. Together they are excited about building on to their international marketing business.

Don & Bobbie – Georgia – USA

Jay and Jackie have been reaping the rewards of this business for decades. After Tulane University Jay had a distinguished career in broadcasting, from Armed Forces radio to being a TV producer for WSB-TV in Atlanta before heading a nationwide multimedia organization. Jackie in the meantime used her Master of Arts degree to enhance her professional writing career, publishing 8 books and hundreds of articles. All the time they were raising 4 kids and developing a worldwide marketing team with international successes in Mexico, Greece, China and Russia. They love to travel the world and are active as church leaders and grand-parents.

Jay & Jackie – Georgia – USA

Yusuf and Maka began their business after arriving in the U.S. as political refugees from war-torn Somalia. They’ve found that it’s allowed them to live a life that answers the question: “How do I build a life of meaning, passion, and balance, with the flexibility to control my time and achieve all that I want to achieve in life on my own terms?”

Yusuf & Maka – Minnesota – USA

“Money doesn’t bring you peace, but it leaves you about a block away from happiness,” Sixto says, smiling. He and Berta no longer labor long hours in the fields to provide for their family. “Before, we were limited in what we could buy the kids (Sandra,20; Katherine,17; Cynthia,13; and Michelle,6),” Berta says. “Now we can shop to our hearts content!”

Sixto & Berta – California – USA

Pooran and Amla were living paycheck to paycheck and renting when they learned about this business opportunity. Today they own a home, are free from their jobs (she was a teacher; he worked for the government), and enjoy traveling. They also have the peace of knowing “our daughters will never have to worry where the next dollar is coming from. We’ve created a legacy for them,” Amla says.

Pooran & Amla – Trinidad