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Salon Owner/Taxi Driver find Perfect Business

Saturday, December 26, 2015 @ 09:12 PM

TaxiSalonTeresa And Ramon Illinois, USA

“We came here from El Salvador for the American Dream,
but didn’t find it until someone showed us this business opportunity,”
says Ramon.

Last year, he and Teresa sold their salon, and Ramon hung up
his keys as a taxi driver.

“Now we can sleep in, go to the gym, and focus on our team and family,” he says.

Ramon and Teresa credit their business with restoring family
relationships. Today they and their children live under one roof.

Besides future trips to Maui, Peter Island, and their native El Salvador,
“I’m especially excited about one we’re planning with my parents
to the Holy Land,” Teresa says. “We feel so blessed by this business.
It transforms people’s lives!”

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