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Royalty Income

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 @ 02:08 PM

Work very hard now, and keep reaping the profits into the future. The opportunity for that kind of income is what this business offers. Wayne, from Texas says it best. “I knew a guy down in Texas who owned some natural gas wells,” he says, “and the man told me that every month he gets a check for eight thousand dollars as a royalty off that gas well. That’s what I call “walkaway income.” You don’t have to be there looking after it every minute for it to produce. That’s the way people get paid for writing a song, or writing a book, or inventing a new gadget. I wanted that kind of royalty-type income. This business came along and gave me an opportunity to use my skills to do that. I couldn’t write a book or a song, and I couldn’t accumulate the capital to drill an oil well; but in this business I can still use my skills and my hard work to build an income that will keep on coming.

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