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Success Stories

Our global business opportunity represents the largest group of independent business owners in the world. Our success is well documented. We offer the opportunity to establish an additional or a primary source of income to those participating. In addition, we have recurring income programs that are unique & inheritable. The following are a few facts that show the success we have attained:

2012 Global Sales = $11.3 Billion US,
up 17% from $9.2 BILLION in 2010 &
a 73% growth rate in the past 5 years ·
Total bonuses paid to date – Over $40 billion US ( $40,000,000,000 ) ·
12,000 people per day are joining the business globally- 53,200 Incentive Trip Qualifiers- More Bonus & Cash Incentives paid out than any other company of it’s type!

Our brand of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements is certified organically grown, the #1 brand in the world and is exclusive to us. ·
Our brand of time defiance & anti aging products is one of the top five prestige brands in the world and is exclusive to us. Last year this brand grew by 28%. ·
We are #1 in on-line sales of Health & Beauty products and have been for the last 7 years.

We have the world’s largest selling brand of kitchen water treatment system.

We have 1,000 patents with 800 more pending.

21,000 employees and over 900 scientists/technicians in 65 R&D labs.

We have paid out more bonuses and incentives than other company

in it’s class!

The following pages will introduce you to some of the key members of our global team.


Kinnelon, NJ ; Topsail Island, NC ; Bradenton, Florida; USA

“I wanted to be captain of my own ship.”

Pete was educated as a nuclear physicist and was working as an engineering supervisor when he first saw the business. Barbara was a registered nurse working in the ICU of a local hospital. “We started the business with the hope that I could make enough money to buy an engineering firm. Starting quickly and working hard part time, the business grew rapidly. After several months we saw the potential for a great lifestyle through the business & dropped the plans to own an engineering firm”. “When I was younger and just out of school I believed that getting a good education and a job with a large company was the way to go”, says Pete, “but I quickly realized that I didn’t want to work for anyone else. I wanted to be the captain of my own ship. I wanted to build our dream not someone else’s”. Today, the Matz organization is global in scope and extends from North America to South America, Asia and Europe. They enjoy their three homes, travel the world and spend quality time with their six adult children & 17 grandchildren.

Suphat & Nhu

Suphat & Nhu Pattaraworakoonwong
Bangkok, Thailand

“A man without a dream is like a body without a soul or like sailing in the sea without a destination.”
Suphat came from a poor family and was a 20 year-old engineering student and Praphapat (Nhu) was still in high school when they started their business. “Everybody told us that we would never succeed because we were too young, had no money, and no experience. They told us we should just concentrate on studying.”

“I started this business to earn money just to buy a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, a small dream but the beginning point that lit a fire in my heart. From there our dreams expanded to many things and continue to grow every single day. We have gotten everything we ever dreamed of and many beyond our expectations. Today we are traveling the world and helping many people achieve their dreams as well.

We chose this business as our final career, the best opportunity to build a happy family and long-term financial security. We learned to develop ourselves by just duplicating the ones who succeeded. We are our own bosses, this is our own business. We control our life and will never work on a job for other people.
We learned that if a thousand people say that we can’t do something but we believe we can do it, we can indeed. If a thousand people say you can but you do not believe you can, nothing will happen.”

Massimo & Betty

Massimo& Betty Bini
Prato, Italy

“We have financial security and time for our family.” Massimo was a chemist and worked for six years as a manager in two multi-national companies. Elisabetta owned a clothing shop. After one year in the business, they were making more money working part time than Massimo was making at his full time job. At that point Massimo quit his job to work full time in the business. A year later they achieved the Emerald level expanding their business to hundreds of families throughout Italy. Elisabetta was then able to leave her shop and work full time in the business with Massimo. Today, they are Diamonds and enjoy a great lifestyle together with their two children. “To build the business has been the best investment of our lives. We have financial security and time for our family. Our greatest satisfaction is to have reached this goal helping other families better their own lifestyles”.

Stu & Charm

Stu & Charmaigne Menn
Palm Springs, California; Topsail Island, North Carolina USA

“I am able to look at my patients as patients, instead of clients.”With a background in internal medicine and a very busy practice, Stuart Menn was still able to find the time to build this business. As a successful doctor, he had the ability to make an excellent income, but did not have the time to enjoy it. With the income that this business has provided, he is able to enjoy his practice without the usual financial pressures and stress. “I am able to look at my patients as patients, instead of clients” Stu comments on stage. Stu & Charmaigne enjoy traveling around the world building their business and spending time with their son, Seth. The business has allowed them to spend quality time together during his growth and development. They also frequently spend time in their new vacation beach home on Topsail Island, North Carolina.

Dr Pongsak

Dr. Pongsak and Dr. Porntip

Ajjimarangsee Bangkok, Thailand

“The business is so simple that anyone can achieve success if they want to.” Dr. Pongsak and Dr. Porntip Ajjimarangsee both earned Ph.Ds from United States universities States. After graduating, Dr. Pongsak worked as a software manager for a large company and his last position was Dean of Faculty of Information Technology for a private university in Thailand. Dr. Porntip was a university instructor and deputy director of the computer center. These excellent positions enabled them to lead a very comfortable life .They were introduced to the business came life through a friend who introduced them to the water treatment system. This proved to them that we provided good products of very high quality. “We started our business very easily by using products and talking to our friends about the products and the business opportunity. The more we talked, the more our business grew. After three years and a few months, we reached the Diamond level and one year later Executive Diamond. At this point, we decided to build our business full time.””As a result of the business, we feel we were able to change ourselves totally. We learned to change our attitude to be positive in every facet of our life, which has made us much happier. We have been extremely blessed. We have enough money to realize our dream to help our family. We have also been able to make friends all over the world through our frequent travels. We are now expanding our business internationally and are working with our friends so they have the same opportunity. The business is so simple and we believe that anyone in this world can.

Alessio & Grazia

Alessio & Grazia Nocentini
Florence, Italy

They feel perfectly free, travel around the world and are fulfilling their big dream. Alessio worked for ten years as a Geologist: five years studying rocks and climatology and another five years studying mineralogy as it pertains to the manufacture of ceramic tiles. Grazia worked as a manager in a fashion firm. Their dream was to be the owner of a business, so one day they decided to open a restaurant. It went very well and after two years they opened another one that was bigger than the first, with 350 seats and 14 employees. They earned well, but they began to realize that it was a real “golden cage”. After almost ten years they were really frustrated — plenty of money but absolutely no time! They spent their vacations in August travelling for 20 days and going as far as they could. In the beginning of September they were back among the tables again. Twelve years ago they saw the marketing plan and notwithstanding a lot of scepticism they began. After two years, while achieving Emerald qualification, they sold the restaurant and started to live again. They continued to strive for higher goals and reached the Diamond level. They feel perfectly free, travel around the world and are fulfilling their big dream. The most beautiful thing is that in doing this, they helped a lot of families to improve their lives and have developed a group of worldwide friends.

Tom & Elsy

Tom and Elsy Matz
Kingwood, Texas and Topsail Island, North Carolina USA

“Just having money does not mean success.” After graduating Bucknell University with a degree in Business Management, Tom went to work on Wall Street thinking he would be able to achieve a great lifestyle. He became a Vice-President of Sales of a New York Stock Exchange member firm and quickly realized that he could make a great deal of money, but often had to pay a very high price. A large income with high stress and no free time wasn’t the lifestyle Tom was looking for. Even though he knew there was a great opportunity here, it wasn’t until Tom participated in a weekend convention that he saw how he could make this business work for him. Now, Tom and Elsy enjoy having control of their time while raising a family. “We’ve never had a problem with working hard, but it’s so much better when you’re working for yourself and your own dreams. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day activities and then wake up one day to realize your dreams have faded away. We have many friends who say that with this business they are able to live, not just survive.”

Walter & Gerry

Walter & Gerry Sramowicz
Connecticut, USA

During our eventful 40+ married years Walter advanced to an Exec.VP for a large trucking and warehousing Corporation. Gerry, a former Exec. Secretary, had long decided to be a full-time Mom, raising our five daughters and becoming a professional volunteer. College education soon became our primary goal. Also, painfully obvious, the corporate scene would not produce that kind of money, especially with three at once in college and a habit of “living every dime.” After losing a substantial amount of money in investing and other business start-ups for diversification, the network & distribution business, by far, produced the greatest return on our effort. It expanded into several continents and, most of all, the girls graduated from very reputable Northeastern Universities without ever shrinking our lifestyle back. With a secure on-going residual income, five weddings and 17 grandchildren later, travel to some of the most beautiful places on this planet we have transitioned into an Internet E-Commerce Business in one of the most exciting times in mankind’s history. Online buying has increased dramatically and those still in a crib will know no other way than to purchase online. Your Dreams and Goals may be a little different from ours; and that is OK! You must have a dream to be searching this site. Through this E-Commerce business, the proven Network 21 Leadership and Training System and our personal coaching and mentoring, YOUR DREAM can be achieved. Remember, enormous wealth will come from this recession-proof business and it may as well be you and WHY NOT? Dig your well before you need it! We call it FREEDOM!

Sue Deacon

Sue Chalmers Deacon
Fitchburg, Massachusetts & Bridgton Maine USA

This business gave me options” “If it is to be, it is up to me” As a mother of a 3 & 5 year old and a new born baby, Sue initially saw a way to save money on great products. She never intended to sell a product or to build a business. However, with no pressure and no quotas, she decided to learn more about how the business worked. To add to the family income, Sue was also back in college to become a teacher. She understood the need for knowledge to build the business, just as she did to become a teacher. She decided to purchase the recommended tools, attend the meetings & conferences, study the system, and counsel with her mentors in order to learn from the experts in the business. “This business gave me options. Because I made the decision to begin, I did not have to go out to work. I was able to be a full time Mom, attend school events; be home when my children got home from school and, just as importantly, provide them with a lifestyle not available to many single parents —a home; college educations; travel; a summer home and so much more! Deciding to build this business was one of the best decisions I have ever made! This business is available to anyone with a dream who is open to the opportunity and is willing to listen, follow the system and work”

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