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Highly skilled doctors, but had little time to enjoy life

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 @ 04:08 PM

Guillermo & Elina – Florida – USA
Highly skilled doctors, Guillermo and Elina were focused on healing, but had little time to enjoy life. “We owned two medical clinics. Elina ran one and I ran the other,” says Guillermo, who dreamed of finding time to travel. Since selling the clinics three years ago to concentrate on building their home business, they’re finding time to do that and so much more. “We adore the beach, so we want to buy a small house on the ocean to come home to from our travels,” Elina says. Guillermo longs to see Ethiopia again, where he once worked, as well as Paris, Italy, and Spain. “This has been the perfect business venture to guide us into our future,” she says.
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