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He needed money for a pair of Levi 501’s

Monday, December 21, 2015 @ 03:12 PM

Suphat & NhuSuphat & Praphaphat- Thailand

“Only the belief that ‘we can’, is enough to make us successful in this business.” “In other businesses, you have to have a lot of money to invest, not to mention the experience, knowledge and the time that you need to devote. We started this business with none of these,” says Suphat and Praphaphat.

Suphat was only, 20 years old, an engineering student in university and Praphaphat, 18 years old, was a high school student when they started their business. “Everybody told us we would never succeed because we were too young, had no money and no experience. You both should concentrate on studying,” we heard many times. “Yes, they were right. We had nothing but a strong belief, deep in our hearts, that ‘we can’. We started our journey to success with only this and yet here we are today.”

Suphat started this business to earn extra money to buy a pair of Levi 501s. It was a small dream but this was his beginning point. He recalls, “That small dream lit the fire in my heart to do something to get it. From that pair of Levi’s my dream expanded. We learned that if a thousand people say that we can’t, but we believe we can, we can, indeed. If a thousand people say that you can but you do not believe you can, nothing will happen. You can do it. It happened to us. It also will happen to you if you have a strong belief that you can.

We choose this business as our only and last career. This is the best opportunity to build a happy family and long term financial security. We’ve gotten everything we ever dreamed of and many good things have happened beyond our expectations. Our dream grows every single day. We learned, we developed ourselves and we duplicated the actions of the ones who have succeeded before us. With this business we built our dream, our real value in this life. ‘A man without a dream is like a body without a soul or like one sailing in the sea without a destination’. This is our own business. We are our own boss. We can control our life. We’ve never worked for anybody. We never worked to build other people’s dreams. We work hard to achieve our dream, and we never tire of doing this because the harder we work, the closer we are to our dream. We believe if we can achieve everything in life from this business, you too can. ‘Only the belief that we can, is enough to make us successful in this business’.”

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