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He Lost His Steel Factory Job of 24 years!

Friday, January 8, 2016 @ 06:01 PM

Martin & Jessica- Texas, USA

Martin lost his job of 24 years at a steel foundry.
Jessica spent long hours running a small jewelry store.
Neither of them had formal education. But they had hope,
passion and determination when they were introduced
to this business.

At first, Martin became involved in the business on his own
while Jessica continued to run her store. “We realized this
opportunity had power, but we just had no idea then how big
it could be, or the freedom it could offer us,” says Martin.

“Within a couple of years, I decided to quit the jewelry store
and join my husband in the business. He was working the business
and making more than I was. I wanted more time with him and the kids,”
explains Jessica.

Now they spend more time every day with their sons- 24, 19, 6 – and take
vacations as a family.
Originally from Mexico, Martin has a strong desire to travel and see more of his country.
They would also like to tour different countries.
“Soon we will have a house on a 10-acre lot outside of the city.” Says Jessica.

Martin explains: “I believe you’re capable of accomplishing whatever you set
your mind to if you have hope.
This business gives you hope.”
“We came from zero,” says Martin. “We are privileged to have this opportunity
and thank God for the Founders who created the business.

If it is good for us, we know it is good for many others.”

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