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Failure of their Furniture Business

Saturday, December 31, 2016 @ 04:12 PM



Vinny & Dayna  NewYork, NY

They were more than $1 million in debt with two kids to support.

Their cars had been repossessed, their electricity had been shut off

and they had just experienced the failure of their furniture business.

“We were frustrated and looking for some kind of opportunity,”

continues Vinny, “and when this came along, I thought,

what have we got to lose?”

One of their greatest thrills is that both of their children and

their children’s spouses are also in the business.

They are quick to say they certainly didn’t achieve their own

success overnight, and feel it all gets back to dreaming big:

How badly do you want something? How hard are you willing

to work for it? How strong is your commitment to making it happen?

Vinny & Dayna are inspiring examples of a family that was down about as far as they could go–

and worked hard to turn their lives around. Today they are debt free

and can do pretty much anything they want, whether it’s traveling to a

favorite destination or enjoying family time at home.


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