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Beautiful Skin Science

Friday, August 22, 2014 @ 04:08 PM

Everyone knows getting older has certain effects on our skin.
But do you know how the latest science is helping women and men improve the appearance of their aging skin, so that they can continue to look their “youngest best?”
For example, did you know there’s a mushroom extract that exfoliates skin gently? Or that there are natural compounds that target the beneficial anti-aging effects of retinol without causing common side effects?
We explore that science and the latest skincare trends and technologically advanced products developed by our company that help women and men to put their best face forward, no matter what their age.
Looking one’s youngest best helps build one’s confidence – and confidence is a powerful beauty secret. Want to know more? Click this link to learn about our latest science for skin smoothness, skin texture, skin elasticity and deep restoration.

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